The Pleasure of Mens Anal Plugs



One of the most popular and pleasurable of all sex toys for guys are mens anal plugs. If you are unfamiliar with them, you can simply consider what they are called. They are plugs and they are used in the anus. This provides a rather full sensation that is quite pleasurable to men. They can be inserted whenever a man feels the desire for it and then worn for as long as they want, as long as they are careful about doing things in moderation. These plugs can even be worn to work, to the beach, while shopping, when out for the evening, or at a party. The entire time they are being worn, the men wearing them are enjoying that sensation of pleasure that just might make them reach an orgasm at any time.

Mens anal plugs come in all sizes. It is best to start off with the smallest size if you are a novice in using them. Otherwise, you may end up with a size that could actually hurt you and cause damage to your anal opening. If you notice any bleeding or feel as if there is any pulling or tearing of the anus, you may want to remove the plug instantly. The last thing that you want to do is cause physical harm to yourself when you are supposed to be gaining some pleasure out of the experience. The more you use the plugs the more that you can progress to larger sizes a little along.

Using mens anal plugs can be one of the most deliciously pleasant experiences that you will ever go through. Just remember to take care because this is not an area that you ever want to mistreat or hurt. Very few things could be more painful than a torn anus. On the other hand, if you insert these plugs in just the right way or the right depth, you will want to do it more and more as often as possible. 


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Getting Acquainted with Mens Anal Plugs

For men that are not familiar with mens anal plugs, there has never been a better time to add them to your collection of sex toys. The anal plugs of today are innovative, including various sizes as well as colors. They are also created from many different materials. These include rubber, plastic, glass, polished wood and others. Some of these must be used very carefully so that you don’t end up in the emergency room. For instance, glass can be rather risky when using it roughly. The same can be said for the wooden plugs. There may be some splinters involved if you don’t care for them properly.

Just because you may not have ever used mens anal plugs in the past doesn’t mean that you cannot learn how to use them and enjoy the pleasure they can bring to you sexually. The first thing that you will need to figure out is what size you need. A plug that is too small will, obviously, fall out and not create the effect you want. A plug that is too big can be rather painful if you can manage to get it inside of you at all. Forcing something that doesn’t fit is also not very healthy because it can do some damage that you will not enjoy. An experience such as this might just put you off of every using one again.

Once you have chosen the best material and the right size, you will most likely have one of the most explosive orgasms of your life when you use mens anal plugs. The great things about these little devices is that you can slip one inside of you and wear it around all day. That feeling of fullness will be with you the entire time, offering a type of foreplay that will pay off when you decide to give into the release that you so desperately want.


Learning to Love Mens Anal Plugs



Mens anal plugs can be some of most amazing little sexual enhancements that have ever been invented. They were believed to have been created in the 1800’s and were, oddly, made of wood. Now I don’t know about you, but shoving a piece of wood up one’s ass doesn’t sound like all that much fun. I mean what if you got splinters or something? At any rate, that’s not an issue these days. You’ll find anal plugs in all types of safe materials that work to make insertion swift, easy and safe.


The thing is that there are many men today that never will experience the many pleasures of mens anal plugs because they are uneducated about them. Instead, when these men hear this term, they make terrible faces and squeeze their ass cheeks together. While I admit that getting used to these plugs may take a bit of work, they are nowhere near that bad. These men are assuming that the plugs will cause them an inordinate amount of pain. The truth is that they don’t hurt at all unless you’ve chosen a size that is way too large to try out in the beginning.


Nothing can really prepare you for all of the great sensations that will be your reward once you’ve grown to love your mens anal plugs. All that you need to do in order to grow accustom to them is choose the correct size—smaller is better at first— and select the proper lubrication. Then just relax and enjoy yourself. Let that feeling of fullness stimulate you and spread excitement throughout your body. The challenge is to see just how long you can leave the plug in once you’ve got it in place. There’s really nothing to it!


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My Journey to Discovering Mens Anal Plugs


When it comes to using mens anal plugs, I have learned that you can’t just pick anything that you find online without doing some research. Some of the plugs available on the market can be great to use but there are some that aren’t exactly created with quality materials. If you just start picking out plugs that you think look cool, then chances are you will end up with one that isn’t going to be made well. On the other hand, if you do some research you will be able to tell which ones are going to be high quality and which ones won’t be.

I found that picking out random mens anal plugs off of websites can be painful at times. Some of them aren’t as bad as others but when you pick out a bad one by accident, you will definitely know about it. After going through an experience like that, I almost gave up any hope of finding an anal plug that would bring me the happiness I needed. That is, until I came across a site that sold some of the highest quality plugs I have ever seen. They were a little bit more expensive but definitely worth the effort in buying them.

Ever since I found that site selling high quality mens anal plugs, I have been fascinated by them. It’s not just the sexual arousal that comes from using them that I enjoy. I love the design and style of them as well. Sometimes you have to sit back and accept the fact that there are things in this life that you just have to try out once in a while. Anal plugs was something that I needed to try in order to test who I was deep down inside. Thankfully, I discovered that I enjoyed them a great deal and I haven’t looked back ever since.


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Finding the Right Mens Anal Plugs

I have recently decided that using mens anal plugs is something that I want to give a try. I started looking around online to see what kind of plugs would work the best for a beginner like me and was surprised to see just how many are actually available on the market. I never realized that something like this could have that many design options and I started to worry that I might never find one that I felt would be perfect for me. However, I was finally able to find a site that explained first time plug usage in a way that made me feel better and more confident.

This site told me that I should pick out mens anal plugs that are small for my first time because it’s easier to get used to them. I know it sounds like common sense to do something like that, but I was having a hard time finding any plugs that I would consider to be small enough for me. After spending hours online searching, this site showed me how to find the perfect plug to start out with and that made everything much easier for me.


Now I am enjoying my mens anal plugs all that time. If I hadn’t stumbled across that site telling me about the smaller plugs that were available, I might not have gone forward with this. I would still be wondering what it would have been like to use one, but I wouldn’t have put myself in the position of trying them. I have been able to upgrade my plugs to bigger ones but they still aren’t as big as the ones that were being sold on all the sites that I came across. I guess it truly pays to take your time and research things of this nature and I am very pleased that I did.

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Mens Anal Plugs Tips for Beginners


For those guys that are new to the world of mens anal plugs, you’re in for an experience that won’t even come close to anything you’ve done in your past. These great little devices open you up in a way that you would never have dreamed possible while keeping you closed at the same time. While that may seem like a rather strange statement, once you slip that first plug inside of you, it will all become crystal clear as to what they’re meant to do.  There are a few things that beginners should be aware of, though so that their first adventure with plugs is a pleasant one.


The first thing you should understand about mens anal plugs is that size does matter. This doesn’t mean penis size, either. In fact, this has very little to do with your penis except for the effect that the plug will have on it. No, the size meant here is the one that will fit the best in your tight little back hole. Maybe your hole isn’t all that small or all that large. That’s the point. These plugs are made to fit all of the various sizes that might be needed and you must pay attention. If you get a plug that is too small for you, it’s going to either disappear up inside of you or it’s going to keep falling out because there’s not enough there to hold it in. A plug that’s too big is going to present other issues that you might not want to even think about due to how badly you might just cringe.


Now after you have selected the perfect size of mens anal plugs for yourself, the next step is to get some great lubrication so you can have a little help in getting things all set in place. This step is almost as important as getting the right size, but not quite. You do want to get all of the great sensations that this little device has to offer, don’t you? Of course, you do! That’s why you need to follow these handy little bits of wisdom and you’ll be hooked on plugs for life.


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Delighting in my Mens Anal Plugs

Using mens anal plugs is something I have just recently gotten involved in. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy using something like this when I first saw them online but, as it turns out, they are very enjoyable. I have even heard of guys wearing them to work, but I don’t think I could do anything like that. I tend to do a lot of walking around and I can’t even make it into the bathroom from my bed without having my plug fall out. I could just imagine what that would be like at work for me.

Since I have just started using mens anal plugs, I picked out the smallest one I could find. That might be why I can’t walk around without it popping out, though. Maybe if I pick out one that is a bit bigger I would have a little more control over it, but I am not ready for something like that just yet. I simply want to keep enjoying what I have until it isn’t all that enjoyable anymore and I can move on to something else then. Maybe after I purchase another one I will try out wearing it to work.

Until that day comes around, though, I will enjoy the mens anal plugs that I already have and not worry about it so much. The fact that I can use one of these plugs while I’m in bed helps me reach a level of relaxation that nothing else has ever given me. They even help me fall asleep faster but I have to remember to pull it out before I am completely under. If I don’t, then it ends up slipping out during the night and I always roll over on it. That isn’t nearly as pleasurable as having it inside me, either.


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Playing with Mens Anal Plugs


If you are like me and willing to try new things, then you might want to check out the mens anal plugs that you can find online these days. I know they have been around for quite a long time but you used to have to go into an adult book store in order to find them. Now you can sit back in your own home and use the computer to find just about any style or design you can imagine using. Sometimes, you just have to love what technology can do for you these days.

I first started using mens anal plugs when I was single and looking for a bit of fun in the bedroom. Of course I wasn’t sure if this was going to be something that I would enjoy all the time, but I was willing to try them out anyway just to see what they were like. Thankfully, I thought ahead and bought one that was small enough for me to use for the first time rather than choosing one that was too big and would hurt me when I tried to use it. I know a couple of guys that did that and they refuse to use anything even close to that anymore.


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Not every guy is going to enjoy using mens anal plugs like I do, and that is perfectly okay. You don’t have to be as adventurous as I am in order to have more fun in the bedroom, although it does help a little. You just have to be willing to put your preconceived notions aside and try something that you might find a bit outrageous to you. If you can do that, then you will find that there is nothing in the world you won’t enjoy trying at least once and these anal plugs could be a staple in your life when you give them a shot.

Mens Anal Plugs Excitement

Mens Anal Plugs Excitement

My partner and I recently decided to try some of the mens anal plugs that we have seen online. We are both very experienced with using anal toys and these plugs seemed like just the thing to bring a bit more excitement into the bedroom. Even though we have used plenty of toys in the past, we weren’t exactly ready for the fun and excitement that we ended up having when our plugs finally arrived in the mail. It was the most intense moment of our lives and we are thankful that we found the plugs that we purchased.

Because we already had experience with toys of this nature, there wasn’t much of a learning curve when it came to using these mens anal plugs. Obviously, there are guys in the world that won’t be able to use them as efficiently as we can. Don’t be scared, though, because you can get through this with just a little bit of practice. The good news is that getting this practice in is half the fun. At least that was how we felt about it when we first started getting involved in using anal toys for the first time.


I would suggest using one of the smaller mens anal plugs if you are completely new to this. It’s much easier to get a smaller plug inside you and keep it in than it is a bigger one. It will probably take you some time to get used to this sensation, but it is definitely worth the effort you put into it. Just remember that you are trying to experience something unique in your life and you don’t want to hurt yourself. Once you get used to having these kinds of toys around, you probably aren’t going to want to try anything else in the bedroom.


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Discovering the Pleasures of Mens Anal Plugs


Using mens anal plugs can be quite an exciting thing for most guys, but there are some in the world that simply refuse to use one. They think that using an item of this nature is going to end up changing their sexuality or something and that is simply not how it works. They are actually missing out on a lot of pleasure by not allowing themselves the chance to experience something like this. I definitely think that every guy in the world should use an anal plug if they ever get the chance so that they can discover this unique pleasure in their lives.


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For your first time using mens anal plugs, you should make sure to purchase the smallest one you can find. After all, you don’t want to try to force your body to take something that it simply isn’t ready to handle. You need to work your way up to it so that you can enjoy every single second of using this very exciting device. If you try to use one that is too big, then you aren’t going to be able to enjoy it as much and you might accidently hurt yourself, which is never a good thing.

Choosing your first mens anal plugs is a very important thing that you should pay attention to. This isn’t like picking out underwear or socks. You need to read the information about the plug to see if it’s going to be something that you will like. If it doesn’t seem like something you can handle, then move on to something else that will be better suited for you. Never feel like you have to purchase the first plug you come across without looking at all of them that are available. This is an important moment in your life so be sure you’re happy with your decision.